1. Jay Ashworth

    Stupid Ion Questions 5: Blown submaster

    Somehow, in a show I use which is a copy of a show someone else made and is much copied (our rep plot, written by our LD), I've gotten a submaster blown up pretty bad.I was in Flexi Active yesterday before a show, poking around, and I noticed I had a lot of random channels blue at "1"...
  2. D

    ETCnomad and submasters

    If I have the ETCnomad can i hook up and ETC 48/96 to be used as a submaster wing?
  3. Benji Sagarin

    ETC Ion submasters displaying incorrectly

    Hello All,I am a student lighting designer at my High School and we are currently working on our student directed musical. Today was our first day of Dry Tech and all the submasters were completely messed up on the fader wing screen. It was showing Submaster 1 three times and Submaster 10...