1. Z

    ETC Ion FOH Fader Control

    Is there a way to create a sub that can take out the front of house light?Example: Last minute decision to pull in the main curtain and I want to quickly take out all the lights that will hit it.
  2. Q

    Source 4 LEDS, Ion and on the fly color mixing.

    We have a dance show coming up with no tech time so we can't write cues. We are trying to figure out the best way to do on the fly color mixing that could still happen at slow or fast times. Our less expensive LED pars, we were able to set up the color mixing on the board very easily: with red...
  3. stagebuilder

    ETC Express Bump Button Question

    So I programmed a couple of chase effects for our students' dance concert into two submasters. I pushed one of the bump buttons and the chase locked on until I hit the bump button again and it stopped. I pushed the bump button for the other chase effect programed into the next submaster but this...
  4. Jay Ashworth

    NSI Melange Pro submaster question

    Yes, yes, it's a 20 year old board. The theatre's 90 years old; I *could* be asking about resistance dimmers. :-)The manual explains how to use the Channel Window, which is roughly akin to, say, selecting Chan 1-48 or 49-96 on a Smartfade, instead of Mems. But you can have 96 pages of...