1. Sipstea

    Suggestions for inexpensive on stage monitors

    I work a middle school. Currently my on stage monitors are used stadium speakers that the district found in a warehouse. I would like to to get some new and improved real stage monitors. I can mount them but don't need gigantic ones. I just want the students to be able to hear the music so they...
  2. C

    Microphones Hearing Elementary Students

    Hey Y'all!First post, long time reader!I teach Elementary Drama, and we are preparing for our school musical. This is our 4th production, and every year we have trouble hearing students at one point or another. We have 8 wireless microphones that we will absolutely be using for the show...
  3. A

    LED Wash Suggestions

    I'm currently looking for some LED wash fixtures with a zoom feature. Being in a thrust theatre our trim height is 22'. I've looked at the Rogue R1 washes, but they dont seem to give the footcandles we need (Min 100 @ 20'). We're looking not to spend over $1000 per fixture. Any suggestions would...
  4. Brendan

    Need Lighting Design Suggestions for A Shayna Maidel

    So my high school theater is producing A Shayna Maidel in a little under two weeks from now. We have around 15 Lekos, 20 Pars, 2 Movers, 2 3-Cell Cycs and 6 Mini Cycs to use for this. We have a really small budget but are creative in pulling things off professionally. We have 3 lighting bars...