1. mrtrudeau23

    Best Way to Mount LED Tape?

    We do a lot of LED tape install on our various sets, and we always question the best way to attach the tape to the scenery/prop/etc. We've used runs of velcro, packing tape over it and stapled down, hot glue, double sided tape, and others I'm sure I'm forgetting about. A lot of the time we are...
  2. K

    Problems marking floor, need suggestions.

    Need an alternative to gaff tape! [Ik the horror...] I'm the stage manager for a church camp, and the floor of the building we're in is always covered in red dirt [Oklahoma]. This makes taping the stage or floor near impossible. We've found a way around taping cords, we just can't mark the stage...
  3. T

    Sound f/x Make a Voice Recording Sound Like Tape?

    I'm sound designing for a production of The Nerd, and there are many sequences in the show that involve answering machine messages. Since the show is set in the 1970's, the messages are recorded on tape, and thus have to sound like they're on tape when they are played back. What's the best way...