1. J

    Seeking tips to add efficiency to my lighting, sound, props and paint.

    Hey everyone, I'm going to be doing a presentation on "Efficiency in Tech" at a local teachers conference to try and provide fellow teachers with tips, tricks, strategies and products to help them more efficiently run their classes, shops, and productions.The main topics that my section of the...
  2. D

    Teaching Adaptations - Disabled Student on Crew

    Hi All:I have a new student on my Stage Crew, and I need to make some adaptations to some things to make him more comfortable. Looking for some advice and suggestions. Some background which may be long winded ... but understanding context is important here.We do our work in "gymnatorium"...
  3. HothIsCold

    Time for me to stop stalking, start talking

    Hello, CB Community! I'm a relatively new educator in the technical theatre field, just three years in. This site has saved my butt on so many occasions, it's a genuine wonder why I haven't joined your ranks until now.I'm based in San Antonio, TX and I teach at the high school level. I used...