tech theater

  1. Fusrohdave

    Having trouble with casters on angled steel tubing

    Im working on a production of Thoroughly Modern Millie and I need to make some rolling desks. My Producing artistic director decided to order $1000 worth of desks without asking me and ended up getting those combination school desks with the angled back legs. It’s made of 1 1/4” steel tubing...
  2. Techie93

    Fog Machine Fluid

    i have an old moonlight super fogger machine. I can’t find what type of fluid it needs. My question is. If I can’t find it. What can I use as a substitute ?
  3. Seppi

    Must Have Theatre Tech Reference Books?

    Hello!This is my first post. was very useful to me as a student of theatre when I had questions about rigging and safety, and I figured now that I am working in the industry, it might be time to join the community!I'm currently a freelance Stage Manager and Production...
  4. dpak

    Table saw for tech theater class?

    I teach high school theater, including a tech theater class which builds all of the sets for our shows. One of the problems I’ve come across is cutting 8x4 sheets of wood. Currently I have the students clamp a 2x4 across the sheet to act as a guide so they can cut a straight line with a circular...