1. A

    Microphones Miking Stage for PA

    Hey folks, I'm needing to mic a 65' wide stage, with a depth of 35', with the purpose of feeding the resulting audio into Clearcom's program input and the control booth, dressing rooms, and green room in the venue. My current plan is to mount two PZMs on each side of the proscenium, as I have...
  2. C

    Control/Dimming Questions about CMX

    Hi! I'm currently a student for theatre production. I'm working on a slide show for my networking class and I'm having some difficulty with CMX. My first issue is what is the topology for the network? I haven't found much but I think it's a bus? Am I correct? How is the signal structured for...
  3. nick_fouts

    Ideas for “spiking” rehearsal space where we can’t leave tape?

    Hi there, I am not sure if this is the right category, or even the right website to ask this, but I thought I would give it a shot. We are rehearsing for a production of Newsies the next few weeks. Our set will be multi-level with several platforms. We need to be able to rehearse with some...
  4. Seppi

    Must Have Theatre Tech Reference Books?

    Hello! This is my first post. was very useful to me as a student of theatre when I had questions about rigging and safety, and I figured now that I am working in the industry, it might be time to join the community! I'm currently a freelance Stage Manager and Production...
  5. S

    Convert Act Curtain to Tableau

    Hi guys, I'm designing for an upcoming farce at my local theatre and I had the idea that a tableau curtain would really fit the feeling of the show. Our space has a common traveller type main drape that's a rich red, proscenium opening of 16'x32'. Does anyone have an experience with rigging an...
  6. S

    Wireless Wireless Com Purchase

    The theatre I work for is currently pursuing new wireless com to replace our aging Telex BTR-700 unit. We initially pursued FreeSpeak, and it has some very exciting features, but we received less money from a grant than we had anticipated. We are now looking into HME DK410. Another local theatre...
  7. baileypl

    Your opinion- Student Technicians

    Hello, this is more of a opinion reply cause I want to see where everyone is on this topic... what do you think about high school student technology operators? A couple questions I have for you to base opinions on are these, 1. Do they need supervised even if the have been trained on the...
  8. N

    Jands WMX Dimmers

    Hi everybody, I'm after some information regarding trimming dimmers. Is it possible to trim Jands WMX wallpack dimmers? We've got some lamps that glow dull when off and we just found a few that the curves are drastically different on. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Nathan
  9. Adam Brunetti

    In Need: LMX-DMX Converter

    Hey guys, A friend of mine is in tech for a show out in LA and ran into an issue where the theatre only has 4 As-42 dimmer packs from lightronics, of which only 1 has DMX out, which of course, pins 1, 4, and 5 are broken. He is trying to run into an artnet node to run lighting off QLab. Anyone...
  10. CSCTech

    Recorded pre-show announcement?

    Hello, I was thinking about getting a better way to let the audience know that a show is about to begin, I thought it might be better to have a recording saying something like "Ladys and gentleman, please make your way to your seats. The show is about to begin." And maybe another saying "Ladys...
  11. mcubed4130

    Mobile sound wireless setup 7 performers.

    Hello everyone long time lurker, needing help on wireless sound. Said almost the same in the New Member Board, but this is the right place to post. I'm being tasked to come up with a mobile solution for sound. Min requirements 7 wireless singers, 2 of which will also be dancing (musical...
  12. S

    Small School Auditorium/Theatre

    Hello all, I'm very new to the world of sound for the stage. I work for a very small school and am currently in the process of transforming our multipurpose room into a theatre. We currently run our 8th grade productions with the ancient PA system. I'm wondering if there might be some sort of...
  13. Alex Williams

    Raising and Lowering Sharkstooth Gauze without Fly Space?

    Hi I'm technical manager for a production in a small local theatre and we have a shark tooth gauze we intend to have at the front front of the stage fixed to the front of the lighting grid above the stage. We need to use this gauze during the show for projection and effect but for other scenes...
  14. emseajay

    Thoughts to make a shooting star?

    Hi folks, I am designing a production of Mary Poppins this summer, and it is (apparently) my task to find a solution for the shooting star at the end of the show. I've asked around but am still not very sure where to begin and would like some ideas/suggestions. It should be noted that...
  15. chiaroscuro

    Film noir adaption for theatre stage: Creating atmosphere

    We're planning to do a theatre production inspired by the "film noir" genre. I've already got a few ideas for dramatic lighting (loads of backlight, strong contrasts and the odd venetian blind using gobos). Now, I'd also like to capture that classic black & white atmosphere that comes with...
  16. A

    Boundary Microphones and footsteps?

    Hi, I am planning to buy 3 [PCC160 crown Mics ( AKG )] for live theatre recording. The main purpose is to have a good alternative to lavalier or headset Mics. I had many good reviews about this PCC160 but I would like to make sure that this mic doesn't make the footsteps "louder" than the...
  17. A

    Live Recording Theatre Microphones?

    Hi all, I need to buy 3 microphones for Live Recording, especially for Theatre. Until now, i used 3 shotgun mics ( L,C,R ) at the bottom of the stage with bad quality results. Which microphones have a better sound in a big theatre with several acoustics? I was thinking about Boundary Mics but I...
  18. Elias Padilla

    Stage Tech help?

    Hello, I am a 16 year old living in Southern California, and I could really use help. I am planning on either helping direct, or directing a show in a theatre very close to me. The theatre is what some people I know would call, a bare theatre. The theatre is actually an auditorium, and has no...
  19. L

    FS: High End Systems StudioPix

    Hi All, I am selling my pair of HES StudioPix fixtures that are in great condition! These were manufactured in 2012 - Fixture 1 has no currently known issues and includes a road case (Pictured). Fixture 2 has a dead pixel - HES said that it might be a bad LED on the circuit board, or it may be...
  20. Joshua Hoffman

    ETC ION generic fixtures

    Hello ION users, I have a generic led fixture where the first channel is the intensity and the following channels are Red Blue Green, and I couldn't find a fixture profile with that channel layout. Does anyone know of a profile on the ION that has this channel layout?