1. TheTheaterGeek

    Best headlamp!?!

    What is the best headlamp y'all have encountered. Just lost mine of 5 years and ready to upgrade.
  2. Nick Solyom

    Line Laser that finds 90 degrees

    Hello! I'm looking for a tool that might not exist, but I thought I would ask around. I'm looking for a self-leveling line laser, that could tell if the vertical beam is perpendicular to a wall. Thanks, Nick
  3. gafftaper

    Special Screwdriver for Sennheiser Beltpack Repair

    Does anyone know what the special screwdriver is called that you use to screw the Mic Jack in tight on a Sennheiser SK100G3 beltpack? It goes over the top of the jack and catches the two slots in the ring on the outside? I want to purchase one.