1. L

    Source Four Focus Knob Socket 1.0

    This device can be chucked into a normal 3/8" chuck allowing rapid removal and (low-torque!) installation of Source Four barrel knobs. The 3D printed shaft acts as an intentional torque limiter - print at normal wall and infill settings and the shaft will break off if you forget to turn the...
  2. dvsDave

    Complete List of Industry Training Resources

    This is an ever-evolving list of Training Resources that our industry is offering. I'm compiling this list from a variety of sources, including r/techtheatre, (big thanks to these guys, they have done the lions share of this compilation, livedesign, 4wall, vls, and...
  3. TheTheaterGeek

    Best headlamp!?!

    What is the best headlamp y'all have encountered. Just lost mine of 5 years and ready to upgrade.
  4. Conner Jones

    Lanyards, do I really need them?

    Hey guys,So I have been advised by a professor of mine that if I find myself working over head in any union venue I will need to have a lanyard attached to all of my hand tools. I was wondering if this is a real rule that any of you have encountered, and if so how do you get around it?Do I...
  5. Nick Solyom

    Line Laser that finds 90 degrees

    Hello!I'm looking for a tool that might not exist, but I thought I would ask around.I'm looking for a self-leveling line laser, that could tell if the vertical beam is perpendicular to a wall.Thanks, Nick
  6. MRW Lights

    Tool Cage wish list

    I have somehow finagled the higher ups to let me gut and redo my tool room and a couple of storage spaces. THIS IS NOT A TEST! Of course there is a budget, but I'm in NYC so a budget for a closet scene shop can go a long way.I want to hear your I wish I hads, wouldn't it be great if and whose...
  7. derekleffew

    Tool Lists (What do I need?)

    Here's a very comprehensive list, compiled by ship in 2002-03, primarily for electrical tools (with pictures!). Here's a list from IATSE local 33. Anyone else have any lists to share? EDIT: Since the IA list is member only now, here's an internet archive of that list.
  8. dpak

    Table saw for tech theater class?

    I teach high school theater, including a tech theater class which builds all of the sets for our shows. One of the problems I’ve come across is cutting 8x4 sheets of wood. Currently I have the students clamp a 2x4 across the sheet to act as a guide so they can cut a straight line with a circular...