1. V

    Storing painted drops: folded vs crumpled?

    I have a couple painted drops I'm using for a tour. In this design, the bottom of the drops are cut away irregularly, so there's nowhere for a pipe or chain pocket. In the past I've folded them, but found the creases are hard to get out without a way to weight the bottom. I'm considering...
  2. D

    Truss Dolly

    Looking for a better way to transport 12"x12" box truss. Currently use the cheap hardware store dollies with the horribly little casters and a ratchet strap. A quick google search lead me to: Looks decent.Any other...
  3. skproducer

    Feedback on rider

    Hi all,I produce a 2 cast show that will be touring the US throughout 2016/17. I have drafted the rider (attached).I have little production management and technical knowledge so would appreciate your feedback.Thank you in advance!