1. dvsDave

    Obsidian Control Systems - ONYX 101

    Learn the basics of the ONYX platform from patching to fixture control to writing basic cues and effects.
  2. dvsDave

    Complete List of Industry Training Resources

    This is an ever-evolving list of Training Resources that our industry is offering. I'm compiling this list from a variety of sources, including r/techtheatre, (big thanks to these guys, they have done the lions share of this compilation, livedesign, 4wall, vls, and...
  3. Conner Jones

    Need advice on choosing an MFA program

    hello all, So I have been lucky enough to be accepted by two awesome colleges and I am having the difficult task of choosing between them. A great problem to have... but still a hard choice. The two places are NIU and U of I. Both have a lot of merits to their curriculum and both promise to...
  4. Kristi

    Rigging Fundamentals Training

    Hello All, I should have thought to put this up sooner! Register quick! Or send to someone you know! ISD 728 Elk River MN is offering a unique opportunity to help you and your staff create safe environments in your performing spaces! Join ISD 728 Community Education and Josh Peklo, Guthrie...
  5. scparker

    Barbizon announces scholarship to SLSS

    Via Live Design Online. Barbizon announces scholarship to Stage Lighting Super Saturday.
  6. scparker

    Tipton, Katz, Billington, and MacDevitt at SLSS

    Jennifer Tipton, Natasha Katz, Ken Billington and Brian MacDevitt group session at Stage Lighting Super Saturday. I'm am thrilled to share Jennifer Tipton's great idea for a terrific group session. Jennifer has invited Natasha Katz, Ken Billington and Brian MacDevitt to join us for a terrific...
  7. A

    FREE Jands Vista Training at USITT

    Hi all! Just wanted to inform you that A.C. Lighting will be hosting free Jands Vista Console training at USITT. See below... Learn what world-renowned lighting designers and technicians already know - The Vista is a lighting console unlike any other you'll have seen. Its simple, visual...
  8. E

    Lighting board Operator

    Hi all, I work for River Pointe Church in Richmond TX and we're looking for a lighting designer who has experience. It can be theatre, concert, or any other venue in which you either programmed, and/or ran lights. This is a paid position. We would only need you for the weekend, and could...
  9. scparker

    Lighting and Sound Workshops in NYC on Jan 9 & 10

    Greetings All, With Dave's kind permission I share this info about Stage Lighting Super Saturday and Stage Sound Super Sunday in NYC. For full details including list of speakers, workshop schedule, sponsors, etc., visit Bonus for CB Members. $50 off registration. Use code...
  10. V

    Job: Safety & Rigging Manager (full time) - Lakewood, CA

    Bigger Hammer Production Services has an exciting and rewarding career opportunity for a Safety and Rigging Manager. We are seeking a topnotch professional that will be responsible for the safety of company operations and training. If you are interested in working for a great company that...