1. J

    City Theatrical Webinar 04: Multiverse Transmitter

    Presented by Harrison HohnholtMay 28 | WEBINAR 04: Multiverse Transmitter In this webinar, we'll go deep into the Multiverse Transmitter, which contains four different radios and can broadcast as many as 10 universes from one transmitter. This webinar will also include how to set up...
  2. Dionysus

    Wireless Q5X Incognito Beltpacks

    So my "Project Manager" (he used to be TD but we restructured and gave him a promotion) has been sound designer for my current production of Cabaret and brought in these tiny little beltpack transmitters that have really made me happy.The Q5X QT-5100 "Incognito" is without a doubt the smallest...
  3. Rod Reilly

    Bodymics for bodymics, hairline-wig, lavalier and headset mics

    Just joined. I asked a new client last night where he got my name, and he told me Control Booth. Figured I had better check things out.Our goal is to meet the needs of the wireless microphone users in theatre/theater with mic elements, transmitter belts, production hangers, antenna systems...