1. A

    Control/Dimming Trouble with Non Responsive Lighting Control

    Hello all,I am having trouble sorting out the cause of a failure in my lighting rig. I am new to this venue and have limited documentation on the infrastructure. We have had problems with a single Leprecon DMX Pack with power distribution from an ETC Sensor + to power non-LED instruments. Most...
  2. Captain_419

    Strand GSX (yes the golf ball board) Floppy Issue

    Hello, I have an old Strand GSX 64000 (golf ball spectacular) i have tried for a few days now to figure out why it wont save to the floppy disk anymore, i have tried replacing the drive with another and to no avail. I was wondering if any of you have had similar issues or if anyone knows what...
  3. bcronenwett

    Conventional Fixtures VL 3000/3500 Issues

    Hey there,Having an issue with a mover on my tour. It decided to stop working the other night. The only thing it wants to do now, after replacing the power supply, is turn on and back off repeatedly about 1 sec in between each.I've swapped all the major parts with new to try and sniff out...
  4. bcronenwett

    Color Force Issues

    Hey all,I have a Color Force 72 that's has had a few card issues. The fixture will default to Amber on certain cards while the fixture is idle and continue to hold Amber even while receiving Dmx values without Amber. We have replaced the cards and that fixes the issues temporarily, but then...
  5. T

    Automated Fixtures Fixing Errors on Elation DesignSpot 575e

    So I have been going at these fixtures all day in an attempt to solve their problem. I do not want to have them sent out to have two, what I think are, simple errors to address. I have no idea how to tackle them as this would be my first real time opening up some fixtures and trying to...
  6. C

    ColorBlaze72 Single Color Flashing Cell Problem

    We're in tech for a show and have ColorBlaze 72 LED strip lights both in the air and on the groundrows. We've been having a problem with certain fixtures, in that a random cell in the fixture the blue LEDs will flash every so often. The cell is always random, but the color is always blue.My...