1. I

    Is this safe?

    Hi there, hopefully this is a good place to post. Wasn't really sure where to get professional advice.I started at a convention center not to long ago. In the beginning we'd build some baby truss box arches 12x12 occasionally. None of us have any rigging experience, but it only seemed a little...
  2. JD

    30 foot lightweight truss system with L16 crank lifts

    Lightweight used system included two L16 crank lifts and 30 feet of lightweight Versatruss. $2,350 More informations and pictures can be found here: 30 foot truss with lifts including links for manufacturer specifications. Pickup near Philadelphia PA Zip- 19454
  3. C

    Advice: Truss and Chain Motors

    Hi all, I’m looking to rig a 60’ truss supported by 4 chain motors. The company I’m working with is looking to buy, not rent. I’ve never purchased rigging equipment and so wanted to reach out and see where I should look for truss, and what your suggestions are for which chain motors are the best...
  4. kicknargel

    Truss outside the US

    Hello,I'm engineering a design that will sporadically tour in and out of the US (not even sure where; assume UK, Europe, Asia) and will rely on locally rented truss for structure. Can I rely on 12" x 12" square truss being available in 10', 8', 5', 2.5' sections, or will I run into metric / other?
  5. PracticallyDone

    Help with ideas for steeply raked stage (sculpture).

    Hello everyone,First, I hope that my presence here isn't too out of line as I work in a museum and not a theater. Much of my work overlaps the theater knowledge set and I have worked in theaters before. I am in charge of all fabrication at my museum and I'm looking to hear some ideas and...
  6. Goldartfrog

    Design Help with aiming lights from a fly up/down truss(no catwalk)

    Hello everyone, thanks in advance for any help.I'm in charge of lighting for my high school theater, and we're putting on a show that would ideally have 12 specials.This shouldn't be a problem, as they are marked out on the stage, except that our theater has a large truss that most lights...
  7. Zachary Tarantino

    FOH Truss Pros and Cons

    Hello all,My theatre is thinking of adding truss over proscenium stage's apron, All the way DS. We have a pretty deep stage, so i believe this would add a lot of options for hitting far US and other areas that we cant really hit from our catwalk due to our sound baffling.What are your...
  8. B

    Truss Loading Charts with Multiple Motors

    Hey everyone. This seems like kind of stupid question, and one I should certainly know by now, so I apologize if it is, but I just want to be sure how these things work, with as little assumption as possible.When reading truss loading charts, I assume this is based on hanging a particular...
  9. Old School 512

    Anyone have an opinion on Truss Manufacturers

    I have a simple 40ft span with 3 lift points rated at 1440Lbs total. This is to stay in the venue but will be assembled and disassembled according to the venues function. In the old school days Tomcat bolt together was the truss of choice for any pro job. I have seen Global but as I am buying...
  10. K

    Concrete truss baseplate for 20.5" truss

    I worked with some of these units in Las Vegas and they are pretty cool for doing a goalpost outside without needing huge legs on the ground. Ihp0031.0x700 by KeepOnTruckin posted Jun 27, 2017 at 2:45 PM They are steel boxes filled with concrete with embedded nuts for bolting up 20.5" and 12"...
  11. D

    Truss Dolly

    Looking for a better way to transport 12"x12" box truss. Currently use the cheap hardware store dollies with the horribly little casters and a ratchet strap. A quick google search lead me to: Looks decent.Any other...
  12. CHAUVET Professional

    CHAUVET Professional Lighting Insights: Sub Hung Truss Structures

    A brief look into some alternative methods of truss hanging in order to get the most from your lighting rig in a safe way whilst also maximizing the design potential.
  13. sww1235

    Trade Show Truss, Vertical Load

    I have been looking at purchasing some F32 ladder truss from Global Truss. I have found their load tables for the horizontal position of the truss, but I cannot find any data on how much weight each truss stick can take when oriented vertically, either from global truss or any other truss...