1. A

    CD80 Non-Dim Patch?

    To start, I have 2 full-size CD80 dimmer racks with C21 control systems. Most modules are dual 2.4kw dimmer modules, I have one factory labeled constant power, and a couple of modified constant power modules. My controller is a full-sized Strand Neo Console. For an upcoming show in a couple of...
  2. R

    Are Theatrical Relays Really Necessary In LED Based Systems

    This may be obvious to some, but I've been working on theatre lights since the '70s and it's not obvious to me. If you upgrade and install a full LED based lighting system in a theatre, I know the instruments want continuous AC power. The common way I've seen this done is to install theatrical...
  3. StephenParticipatesInTech

    Design Issues and Solutions Upgrade from Altman (or similar) r40 border lights

    Hi! I'm a LD for a church and we're considering upgrading one of our spaces, and of course, we're on a budget. Is there any light that would be a good replacement for some of our older border lights (or is it best to just upgrade them to dimmable led bulbs)Some considerations we're having is...
  4. bjrdillard

    Automated Fixtures Upgrading to moving lights

    First, a little backstory. I am in a pretty unique predicament: I got hired as a High School theater technician at the beginning of this school year. This school year started in distance learning and it looks like it's going to end that way too. Good news is I have done okay in terms of teaching...
  5. Mel Williams

    Purchasing Used Equipment

    Hi all,What are your thoughts on buying used equipment rather than brand new? What are some reliable places to buy used equipment?Poor public high school here, and we are desperate.
  6. Mel Williams

    Cost Effective Options for New Cyc Lights

    Hi all!High school theater has been given $10 - 12k to upgrade a few lights. Doesn't seem like a lot of money but at the moment the only (barely) working equipment we have are 12 Par64s and 3 8 inch Fresnels.From our POV it makes most sense to buy some LED cyc lights since that's the...
  7. Adam Brunetti

    Design Issues and Solutions High School Lighting Upgrade

    Hi all, I have been asked to create a few proposals to present to the local school department to upgrade the lighting in the auditorium of the high school that I do some freelance work for in Rhode Island. Looking to make 3 different proposals- bare bones, standard, and a dream list. Looking for...