usb to dmx

  1. R

    USB DMX Dongle

    I am in market for a USB DMX Dongle, I have read about the Entec dongle, DMXKing etc. What is a less expensive dongle for a 2-3 light setup.
  2. Zac Austin

    Control/Dimming PC/Mac Lighting Control Software recommendation

    Hi all,I am looking for a lighting control application, preferably for mac but I don't mind having to use a PC if it does what I need it to do.I am used to working with professional grade consoles like the MA2 series, HOG4, ETC Eos series, etc. I have gotten really used to the workflow of...
  3. D

    Please recommend the best laptop-based cued lighting system

    Hi everyone, I need some advise. I'm based in India, and 90% of the lighting I do for theatrical shows is on submasters, live. The other 10% is on Avolite boards. I have trained on ETC consoles with Go buttons, but that was over 6 years ago in the US.I need to light two plays in the next...