used lights

  1. Harold

    Conventional Fixtures Replacing ancient Colotran: Used S4 v new S4 Jr?

    A school I work with often has just approved ~$3000 to replace the old Berkey Colortrans that they've been using as frontlight for the last couple of decades. My initial instinct was to get Jrs. so that we could get more instruments, but looking into pricing (it's been a few years since I've...
  2. B

    FS: Used Altman Fresnels and Altman PAR Cans

    My employer (a high school) has upgraded most of our lighting and as a result we have some fresnels and par cans that we no longer have a use for. We currently have the following fixtures available for sale:Approximately 16 Altman PAR 64 Cans, 1000 WattsAll of these fixtures are in “good”...