1. spacecraft

    VARILITE Series 300 Protocol

    I'm working on a very ambitious project. I'm trying to get a VARILITE VL6 working for fun. I do not have a Smart Repeater or DMX Power Pack (which would solve all my problems) so I'm trying to make my own. I know the fixture runs on 24VDC, the lamp power is passed through to the fixture, and...
  2. JohnManderbach

    Automated Fixtures VL1100 maintenance issues

    Hey all, I have a bunch of VL1100's about 6 years old and they have repeated problems with the edge mechanism. The lens assembly seems to get sticky and the motor can't move it all the way in one direction. I thought maybe some simple graphite lube might help but the mechanisms seem to come...
  3. J

    Vari*Lite Series 200 control parts

    Hi everybody!I have been desperately trying to look for a few Vari*Lite Series200 control units:- DMX 200 converter - Mini ACS rack - 2 pcs of Series 200 lamp cablesAll the tips and help is welcomed that where I would find these or where I should ask for them. Few months back I got myself...
  4. A

    Moving Fixture Gobos

    Hello all, I've have been recently looking for gobos for Studio Color 575, Studio Spot 575, or VL2000, but I can't seem to find any. Do you have any suggestions on where to look for gobos for such fixtures?Regards
  5. M

    PRG Best Boy vs VL3515

    Hi All,PRG is trying to sub the VL3515s in my order for their Best Boy HP Spot (the 1500w version) so they don't have to ship the VLs out to Chicago. They sent me a comparison form (attached) and it makes it seem like its everything the VL is and more with no drawbacks. Does anyone have...
  6. bcronenwett

    Conventional Fixtures VL 3000/3500 Issues

    Hey there,Having an issue with a mover on my tour. It decided to stop working the other night. The only thing it wants to do now, after replacing the power supply, is turn on and back off repeatedly about 1 sec in between each.I've swapped all the major parts with new to try and sniff out...
  7. finnb5

    Automated Fixtures Used Moving Light Purchasing Advice

    Hello all,For the past few years, my high school has had sorely outdated lighting resources but recently our drama head and I (student LD) have decided to really put a budget boost into the system and get a bunch of new technology. We're pretty sure we want to get used fixtures simply because...
  8. Adam D.

    Looking for VL 1100 Ballast

    I'm in need of VariLite 1100 Arc Ballasts. Preferably used because $$$... Let me know if you have any leads