1. ademhayyu1

    New Year, New Venue, New Adventures

    Hello all!It's been a year since my last post here (sorry, couldn't resist). I hope everyone is enjoying the New Year so far.I've recently been asked to design the lighting for a show in a space I'm not very familiar with (this is actually the first show I've designed the lighting for that...
  2. A

    Budgeting for Big Ticket Replacements $ and Timeline

    I run an 1100 seat performance venue for our high school, and after meeting with our CFO and reviewing the budget he's asked to me to create a list which includes a rough guestimate cost and timeline for larger replacement items such as total replacement of softgoods, seats, major rigging...
  3. C

    Design Issues and Solutions Need advice: Small tour using local venue lighting systems

    I’m designing the lighting for a tour of a one-man show. To explain it bluntly would be to call it a glorified Powerpoint presentation—elements include a rear projection screen, a lectern and a table with some props, all set against black. The show is going to travel with a laptop running QLab...
  4. T

    Need recommendations for space upgrade

    I am now looking to find some affordable lighting fixtures for a venue that can hold around 500/600 people. We have a 7x3 schedule 40 pipe grid that we can move anything around that reaches about 12 ft high. Our fixtures are either European fixtures that would normally require transformers and...