video display

  1. Matthew Godlewski

    DMX video blackout generator for SDI

    I know I've seen this mythical device in the past for composite video signals., but it's been some time. Does anybody know of a similar device for SDI? I want to dim video signals to prevent light pollution from a conductor camera during blackouts via DMX. Any lead would be most helpful.Cheers,
  2. B

    Alternatives to PA speakers might increase intelligibility

    It's often difficult to understand children talking in a stage play because of muddy room acoustics and poorly designed PA systems that feed back easily. Wireless headworn mics can help, but not every school can afford them or control them effectively. So floor mics are used instead.How about...
  3. 1080i/p

    1080 vertical lines of video, either interlaced (i) or progressive (p) scanning. Used primarily in High Definition broadcast (referred to as "Full HD"). Any broadcast resolution above Standard Definition is classed as HD. As defined by the...