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    Video Lighting question

    I am TD for a HS theatre Program. Has anyone used the ETC Source Four Fresnels for video applications. Trying to set my Black Box up so that it can be used by our media students as a studio from time to time but I can't break the bank. Thanks in advance for your opinions! Shane
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    F4IP Video Panel by CHAUVET Professional 2017-12-01

    Ideal for the rental market, F4IP is an IP65 outdoor-rated video panel with high performance SMD 1921 LEDs, a pixel pitch of 4.8 mm, impressive display refresh rate of 3,840Hz, and high contrast 5,000 NITS (4,500 NITS calibrated) that make video images stand out both indoors and outdoors - even...
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    CHAUVET Professional Video Insights: Play By Your Own Rules, Meet the New Maverick MK Pyxis 2017-10-11

    Maverick MK Pyxis empowers your creativity by giving you an endless array of incredible eye-candy looks with its epic beam and wash effects, wide zoom range, continuous 360° pan and tilt movement and awesome aerial and pixel-mapping effects. This revolutionary and compact moving head features a...
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    CHAUVET Professional Video Insights: Color Mixing 2017-10-11

    Getting the most out of color mixing from your desk goes way beyond RGB. As Sam Bowden explains in this video, using tools like your console's virtual color wheel and virtual temperature wheel can help maximize the color rendering capabilities of your rig.
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    CHAUVET Professional Video Insights: Web Servers

    Accessing your fixtures via a web server can not only save time, it can be a life saver too in a pinch - and it provides a convenient way to check on fixtures remotely. Get an inside look at using web servers in this Video Insights.
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    CHAUVET Professional Video Insights: Bringing It All Together 2017-07-10

    Mike Graham explains how to pull all that planning together to complete a finished rig, using our own experience at InfoComm as an example.
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    CHAUVET Professional Video Insights: Pre-Building Your Rig 2017-06-07

    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure -- and a short time pre-building your rig the right way can save you countless hours of aggravation once you get to site. Mike Graham explains how planning your pre-builds makes setups faster, smoother and less stressful.