1. jholmesIWG

    Seeking: TV Monitor for "Moving Portrait"

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a video monitor that would be good to replicate the concept of a moving portrait? This is for an Halloween immersive experience we are building.
  2. cnnrward

    Converged projector mismatch

    I’m advancing a production requiring converged projectors for primary/backup.Most of the venues either have a matched set, or no projectors at all (then I rent a matched set)In the case where a venue has just one projector, I have been asked to match it.Can I match a venue’s Barco...
  3. T

    Night Vision Camera for SM

    I am looking to get a decent camera mounted in our theater for our SM to have a view of the stage during black outs. We currently run a full digital/network video distribution system do I want to stay away from something that only generates an analog signal. We currently operate solely over NDI...
  4. JD

    Recording Virtual Choirs / Performances

    With most of the entertainment industry in shut-down, I have found myself doing a lot of video and audio recordings for virtual groups and choirs. Although I have some background in video, most of my abilities are in the live entertainment world. After doing a short search, I did not see a...
  5. JD

    Design Why Gel and RGB light? Here's why

    This video looks at the radical difference between color adjusting an RGB light vs setting it to white and gelling it. It's not a short video, but it is worth watching!
  6. matcreyn

    QLab Gloom effect issue

    Hey, folks, I wonder if any of you have an idea on resolving a particular QLab 4 issue I’m having. The look I’m going for is to make the lungs png I have inhale and exhale in a continuous loop. I’ve built the loop group (say that five times fast). The closest video effect I could find in QLab...
  7. Gambino

    Illusion of depth with video projection

    Hi! Newbie here.I'm doing this show where we need give the illusion that there's an extra room beyond the back of the scenario where some stuff is happening during the show.For this, at the back of the scenario there's an openning, about 3 meters x 3 meters, where the projection of this...
  8. D

    Conductor Monitor and Latency with Digital

    I'll start by acknowledging that there are a lot of scattered threads on this topic. I've been doing a lot of searching here an other places on this topic, and a lot of what I find is several years old or doesn't have much specific info. Most of it points to CRT TV's and analog cameras. While...
  9. Palms

    Latency issues with qlab

    Having a qlab nightmare!!For a show I have to run qlab to 3 separate projectors. At times they have to play the same video simultaneously but what I’m discovering is that they run way out of time with the video beginning in sync with sound and then quickly coming out to the point where it...
  10. Palms

    3 different size screens with Qlab 3

    Hello!I need to project onto 3 different sized screens (or at the very least one centrally bigger than the outer two). I need to use Qlab 3 for this and was thinking to use a TripleHead2Go but Qlab are suggesting that in this case all the screens would have to be the same size. Does anyone...
  11. C

    ATEM and Extron Issues

    Hi CB I've exhausted my network of peers with what Ill call a recent video system failure and am completely stumped on how to fix it outside of buying a new mixer. First Ill talk a bit about the setup and then go into the story/issue.On stage has a extron 230 tx box(which accepts both vga and...
  12. D

    projector mount

    For years, I have made homemade projector mount platforms with c-clamps. Does anyone know of a commercial one that would be more durable than one made out of plywood?
  13. Tamas Nagy

    Imimot released Mitti 1.2

    Hungary, July 25, 2017 - Imimot has Mitti version 1.2, a huge update to it’s - macOS-only - professional Video Cue playback application, which is now available from the Imimot website.Mitti is a feature-packed professional Video Cue playback application for theatre, presentation and live...
  14. Dsmagnussen

    Closed Circuit Camera system

    Hi all, We need to replace our closed circuit TV system. The camera in the back of the house and the monitors backstage are all toast. Has anyone had to spec this kind of equipment lately? Most interested in knowing about what camera you chose and if you could use your existing network of...
  15. Jeffry Garcia

    Hello from Corona, CA

    Hello everyone!Jeffry here from Corona, CA. I just recently got into the Audio, Video & Lighting industry and it's great to have a resource in case I ever get stuck!I'm better at understanding the pro audio/video side of installs & products, but when it comes to lighting I'm admittedly a bit...
  16. Julian Amrine

    Live Video for Birdseye Camera View (QLab 3 solution needed)

    Hello all,We are currently mounting a production of The Producers, and want to pull off an effect during Springtime for Hitler where we project a birdseye view of the dancers on the cyc behind them. We have a good projection system, but we have never worked with live video before. The...
  17. JD

    Automated Fixtures Nice teardown of PRG Best Boy

    Found this good video that shows an involved examination of the PRG Best Boy. Though I would share.
  18. C

    Programming video on the ETC ION board

    I was wondering what the best practices for programming video on the ETC ION are. We're thinking we have to cue Q-Lab through the ion board (having one cue list for lighting and another cue list for video, and then linking them together). I've never done this before so any help would be greatly...
  19. TheTheaterGeek

    Control/Dimming Eos Net3 RVI Video Card Replacement Problems

    We recently replaced the video card in our RVI. The dual link dvi one. ATI FireMV 2200 128M. I have not been able to make it work. Tried installing the driver to XP and bricked the unit and had to reimage. Our issue is that the dual link DVI operates as just a single output, both displays are...
  20. Matt Davidson

    External solid state drive

    A smaller theatre I work with has a lovely iMac 5k that has the high end specs that had been refurbished so we got it on the cheap. The only flaw with it is it carries a regular 7200 RPM hard drive. I'm already aware of how difficult it is to open a new iMac ("moderate" actually) so I was...