1. Kyle McAnally

    American Facility Systems Relay System

    Hi Everybody,So my space has been having an issue with our relay system which operates all of our running lights and work lights. Our theory is that the motherboard battery finally died and a power loss whipped the old system's programming. The panel has a HHP (hand held programmer) included...
  2. hanoacosta

    Vintage Lighting Vintage Century Strand dimmer

    Hi Folks,I'm trying to track down schematics for some old (1974 I think) Strand dimmers. There are no markings on the rack, the individual dimmer modules say "Model 306." There are 4kw, 6kw, and 12kw variants. Here's a couple images if that helps:Image:IMG_20170418_155807.jpg|none...
  3. Max Wurtz

    Vintage Lighting Question about the history of consoles

    I caught some of a Queen concert on TV and I was amazed with the caliber of the lighting rig and was intrigued how that could be done in 1981. So my questions are, what kind of console would they have been running, how much would have been manual over programming? Just a Friday evening quandary...
  4. petercav17

    Vintage Lighting Parts for Kliegl Bros. Pantagraph?

    Hey all, I recently came across two of these pantagraphs from Kliegl Bros. I'd love to use them as an easy method for hanging simple tail downs, however they are missing the cranks that operate them, along with who knows what else. I couldn't find any information on them from either CB or a...
  5. Stephen G. Brickles

    Coemar Venus LED Conversion

    ** The world's first Coemar Venus M4 LED Conversion !! ** ??The video demonstration can be found here - this film was a pre-gig test. I did actually use the unit in short bursts for a while at the gig.Uses 8 Cree CXA1820 Cool White LED arrays connected in series to two Recom RACD100-700A LED...