visual presentation

  1. a.jenner

    Candle Model for MA3D?

    Hey guys,I have some led candle fixtures in a show that we control by dmx, and I want to put them in our 3D show model so I can do some better preprogramming. They are currently in as the generic conventional model, which is a bit hard to see as I have turned the beams off. I was wondering if...
  2. J

    Control/Dimming MA3D syncing to MA2 on PC

    So, I went and downloaded & installed GrandMa2 & MA3d on my windows machine, and went to link the the two but I'm having trouble joining the session on 3d. Any ideas? They are both on the same machine, and the network settings (IP Address are the same) on both console and 3d. On 3d I can see the...
  3. E

    Editing Texts during Presentation View

    Hello!Any suggestions on softwares (better if free) where I can edit texts during a presentation? Much like a powerpoint presentation but you wouldn't have to exit the slide in order to edit, and the change will be shown in an instant on the screen, assuming, that I am on an extended view. I...