1. ApolloDesign

    Textured Effects Using the Apollo GoboPro+

    Using two gobos can create some amazing effects. In this video you will view the creation of fire using Apollo 2-Color Glass, C2-0052, Flame Hot (static position) and Apollo Crushed Dichroic Slippery Ice (rotating position).We have also created a water effect using Apollo 2-Color Glass...
  2. A

    Water dump help??

    I'm staging a show where water falls from above drenching one of the actors. We have no fly space and cannot attach anything directly to the ceiling. I'm trying to come up with something that we can mount to the lighting electric that can be triggered from offstage. We're ultra low budget. I'd...
  3. M

    Penguins making a splash

    Hi CB,We're working on a small piece that involves children dressed up like penguins. There is a part of the script where a few of the penguins walk up a 3' staircase and jump behind an iceberg. We were hoping to create a splash effect behind the iceberg after they jump. Some ideas that...