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    Control/Dimming DMX relay for high-wattage fixtures?

    Hi:Total newbie to this forum, with a question to the experts out there.I have two sets of three 1500W quartz fixtures (i.e. 4500W per set), running off 220 or 240 V. I would like to be able to control them--on/off only--with a DMX relay, so that I can do this from my console rather than...
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    Over-Lamping Dimmer Packs

    Hey all, So I am doing a show and have ran into a a bit of an issue. The fixtures I am wanting to use have 2000 watt lamps. The dimmer packs I am using are 600 Watts. Can I use these dimmer packs with these lights, I can’t figure out if the lights will just use less than 100 percent, or if it...
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    New to Lighting

    Hi all!I'm setting up our light plot from a university designer for our spring musical this year. I've had experience with our ION board, using conventionals as well as intelligent lighting (DMX). The problem I have when circuiting a plot, I'm not too sure how to figure out how many of an...