1. Andrew McMillan

    Stage windows

    Hi AllI need to prepare technical drawings for our theatre workshop team to build a non-practical double sash hung Georgian window (see image below). For context it will sit approx 6m upstage in front of a cyc. The lit cyc doesn’t need to be seen through the window but the window does need to...
  2. D Martin

    Rain behind window

    Hi, so I've been asked to create a rain effect behind a window. I've seen it done with a monitor behind the window, so I was planning on that. I've been looking around for a stock video to play, but I can't find anything convincing. Does anyone have any recommendations on where to find better...
  3. tdtastic

    Clear Plexi Options/ Stained Glass Windows

    I don't buy much plexi or other other plastics for that matter and could use some help narrowing down what option is best for me. It's a tad daunting to sift through all the different types, materials, finishes, or treatments. I need to get the cheapest option for me without unknowingly paying...
  4. AtlanticSmith

    Upstage Window in Mousetrap

    So, I'm mounting Agatha Christie's Mousetrap this season, and I'm looking for an inexpensive and safe way to make the window upstage center. I want there to be something in the frame so I can add a fan upstage to blow the curtains around. But I am stumpped on what material to use.I thought...
  5. WFair

    How to make large (inexpensive) breakaway glass - Isomaltitol?

    I have been researching breakaway glass options for a large window. Clearly alfonso's sells the best "real deal" but it is much too expensive (several thousand dollars) for the high school production I am working on. I am trying to make a large window that an actor can dive through. I could...