1. tymckz

    Best computer for QLC+

    I've been using a mac mini and my QLC is just not happy and quirky. I'm ready to throw in the towel after much troubleshooting.What pc computer do any of you use? I'm shopping around but I don't now anything about pc's..) Ty
  2. vman

    New V-Control 4.0 Open Source Show Control Software

    I want to introduce my brand new V-Control 4.0.V-Control is (as far as I know) the only Open Source Show Control Software for professional usage. V-Control is available for Windows 64 Bit, Linux 64 Bit, Raspberry Pi 32 Bit, and soon for MacOS X.V-Control 4 is not really comparable with...
  3. C

    ATEM and Extron Issues

    Hi CB I've exhausted my network of peers with what Ill call a recent video system failure and am completely stumped on how to fix it outside of buying a new mixer. First Ill talk a bit about the setup and then go into the story/issue.On stage has a extron 230 tx box(which accepts both vga and...
  4. DannyDepac

    Control/Dimming Updating Windows on Strand Palette board / doesn't start up

    Hello Guys,I am a high school teacher who also does the stage crew/ tech aspects of our plays/musicals at school so forgive any of my noobieness.So we have a 32/64 palette strand board that I am starting to get pretty used to using. Its about 8-9 years old and for the past few years we...
  5. D

    Opinion: Surface Pro vs Macbook

    Hey guys, I am a lighting designer working with a 2010 Macbook and I am thinking about upgrading to a new notebook. Mac is currently on my crap list lately due to its removal of both the HDMI and their standard USB ports and having a bunch of adapters to use the simplest tools should not be an...
  6. Colin Bishop

    Vectorworks Lighting Fixtures crashing OpenGL and Renderworks

    So recently I started learning Vectorworks 2016 (Student Edition) primarily for a school project. I have been designing a lighting plot of my school's auditorium with it and I am very pleased with how it is turning out currently. However vector works has decided to not want to render the lights...