wireless microphones

  1. teqniqal

    Wireles Mic Education Webinar

    Don Boomer (RF Venue Senior Applications Engineer)Don will discuss the key concepts and techniques to make your wireless microphone system free from dropouts and interference. After 10,000 wireless projects they’ve seen and heard it all.During this 30 minute webinar you will...
  2. nick_fouts

    What to do with old wireless equipment?

    We have a ton of old wireless mic packs and receivers (Audix and Audio-Technica) ranging anywhere between 638-716 MHz, which I know we can no longer use. They have long since long since been replaced with new equipment anyways, and I know I missed the rebate period for most manufacturers...
  3. DannyDepac

    Sennheiser Rebate / 300 vs 500 series?

    HiI'm looking for some advice from someone with some Sennheiser rebate experience. I'm planning on trading in my audio technica 2000 series wireless mics and lav set up that are in the 608 MHz Range as well as a Sennheiser camera transmitter and receiver in the same range.I want to buy the...
  4. nick_fouts

    Wireless Need advice on wireless handhelds

    My school has a pair of Shure SM58 heads on UT2 wireless bases. The UT2 transmitters are both in the newly restricted 600MHz frequency range, so we can no longer use these mics—to my knowledge. :legalstuff:Does anyone know about the possibility of just purchasing new transmitter or hardwired...
  5. Brenden Friedel

    Shure QLX-D

    So my school recently purchased 8 QLX-D receivers. I know that these guys can be hooked up to a network and used with wireless workbench and shures channels app. But the question is... How do i hook up 8 ports to one router and still have room for two mixers?
  6. W

    Wireless Sennheiser Receiver not receiving audio signal

    I have a Sennheiser Evolution G2 100 (500 band) in a rack of about 16 mixture of Shure and Sennheiser brand mics. The receiver gets an RF signal from the body pack but doesn't receive an audio signal I switched out the antenna with ones from working receivers and the body pack I also changed the...
  7. gafftaper

    Special Screwdriver for Sennheiser Beltpack Repair

    Does anyone know what the special screwdriver is called that you use to screw the Mic Jack in tight on a Sennheiser SK100G3 beltpack? It goes over the top of the jack and catches the two slots in the ring on the outside? I want to purchase one.
  8. W

    Buying radio mics for use in UK and US

    I'm from the UK and looking at buying a set of 12 mics that can be used both here and in the US. The band we have available to use here is 606-613MHz. Is this usable at all in the States? Looking at buying a Trantec 5.3 which is tuneable from 606-622 MHz. Would this give us enough bandwidth to...
  9. M

    Placing wireless receivers in an metal rack, can it cause interfierance?

    Hey! So just like the title says. I have a couple of sennheiser g3 receivers in plastic cases but I'd like to move them to a rack with caters on ir however I'm concerned about the metal rack causing interference or other problems, should I be worried?
  10. Stevens R. Miller

    Wireless Mikes "banging."

    We're doing a middle-school musical production that uses fifteen wireless mikes (some Audio Technica series 3000, some series 2000, and mix of ATW-310 and ATW-210 body packs). Some of our actors were wearing their packs at waist level, behind them. In scenes where those actors put their hands...
  11. A

    Shure SLX Issues

    Hi All,Working on a show with 8 SLX transmitters. Last night for the first time (had the mics for a week) we had the channel change automatically on one of the belt packs but not on the receiver during the show without being touched (or so we think).Has anyone had this happen and if so is...
  12. W

    Wireless Microphone Suggestions

    Hey everyone,I'm looking into purchasing new microphones for an installation in the future. I have decided that I would like to go with either Shure or Lectrosonics, two brands that I trust for reliability (such as Shure's UHF-R, the new Axient series or anything by Lectro). I refuse to use...