1. Jay Ashworth

    Updating FW on FreeSpeak II?

    I'm heading in for the day, and on my list is doing a firmware update on our comms.I've located update files for the base, the packs, and the radios -- but they don't have matching revision numbers, and it's not clear whether I need to update them in a specific order.I know there are a...
  2. nick_fouts

    Audio Technica transmitters turning off on their own

    Hey all,We have been having an issue lately with our Audio Technica ATW-t310 body packs turning off on their own. We make sure they have fresh batteries, and that the access door is closed after turning them on. Can anyone think of a reason why these packs might turn off on their own? Do they...
  3. tdtastic

    Wireless Boundary Mics???

    Our theatre has been getting complaints for the last several years that audience members cannot hear the action onstage during our straight shows. And they get younger and younger! Honestly these are not old people, and they don't request listening devices. We are convinced this phenom is...
  4. TimMc

    Shure Axient Digital RF topics

    https://practicalshowtechcom.squarespace.com/schedule/axient-digital-rf-tech-talk-pst-054What's different about the Axient RF, digital modulation, and why do users love it? Tune in.
  5. NickVon

    TOA frequency Assignments in the A01 and H01 bands?

    I have done as much google-fu as I can, and have been unable to find a chart listing for the frequency assigments of 0-10,a,b,..fWe are looking to do some tighter coordination at a church before the new gear gets settled onWe have (4) TOA WT-4820's in the A01 band . Which is like...
  6. Painterspoon

    Economical solution to double my body mics?

    I'm directing a production of Les Mis at my high school starting in February, and our current system is a 16-channel Allen and Heath board that we connect to our 13 Sennheiser body mic packs. Our snake has 16 XLR cords. So there go 13 of our 16 channels right off the top. I have been through the...
  7. S

    Battery-operated lamp?

    I'm looking for a light source for a lamp that needs to be battery-powered and bright enough to look like an Edison bulb. And I need eight of them. What are your recommendations?
  8. Jammer

    Microphones Wireless Microphone Elements

    We experience failures with Shure Microphone elements for wireless packs on a regular basis. Understand these may go bad after sometime, but the failure rate we are experiencing seems higher than it should be. We loose a couple of them every week as the show progresses. Some just fail...
  9. Dionysus

    Wireless Q5X Incognito Beltpacks

    So my "Project Manager" (he used to be TD but we restructured and gave him a promotion) has been sound designer for my current production of Cabaret and brought in these tiny little beltpack transmitters that have really made me happy.The Q5X QT-5100 "Incognito" is without a doubt the smallest...
  10. DannyDepac

    Sennheiser Rebate / 300 vs 500 series?

    HiI'm looking for some advice from someone with some Sennheiser rebate experience. I'm planning on trading in my audio technica 2000 series wireless mics and lav set up that are in the 608 MHz Range as well as a Sennheiser camera transmitter and receiver in the same range.I want to buy the...
  11. DannyDepac

    Microphones Using a camera lav transmitter for stage mic? Sennheiser

    Hi GuysI was randomly given two Sennheiser eW100 G2 mic packs without the receiver. The person who gave them to me claims their friend gave them to them and they have no background info on them.I thought it was two mic packs but then I started to look and realized one doesn't have a mute...
  12. OrionImagery72

    ArtNet/WDMX Help

    Hey all, I'm looking at artnet to help expand the amount of channels my movers can take up on my board.Currently I'm using two separate dmx transmitters for two different universes. Is there any way that I can transfer artnet wirelessly, or is there a better way to wirelessly run a lot of...
  13. zackconn44

    Showbaby issues

    I bought a Showbaby 6 in May of 2018. It recently has been having issues where it cannot recieve a signal. I tried changing the ateni but it didn’t help. I also put it as the dmx transmitter at the board. When I did this it could only interact with the closest 3 led pars. It couldn’t control the...
  14. zackconn44

    Showbaby 6 with Chauvet freedom pars

    So I have a city theatrical Showbaby Wireless DMX 6 attached to my etc ion. I was wondering if that could connect to the wireless Chauvet FlareCon that is contained within each freedom par. I know they both run on the same frequency so how would I make them communicate?
  15. NickVon

    WWB6 Coordination Report headings

    I can't seem to find a way to get the Coordination report to include Device ID. "I can sort by it," but it remains unidentified on the actual report. I have a number of channels that are physically identified like soNV 1 Band A Rack 1 NV 2 Band A Rack 1 NV 3 Band G Rack 1 NV 4 Band...
  16. Joe Allen

    Live wireless cameras.

    Hello all We are a youth company looking to put on a Theatre Production, and as part of our show, we would like 4 of the cast to wear a camera, and have that projected/shown live on screens at the back. Would this be possible? It would need to be wireless from the Camera's to a mixer, but from...
  17. C

    Wireless Countryman e6 Earset Connection Tips?

    Hi all,We're having issues with our Countryman e6 earsets w/ 1mm Sennheiser cables in that the connection between the earset and cable seems to be breaking excessively. We typically use Transpore tape on the cheek, behind the ear (near the connection) and at the base of the neck (with actor...
  18. ravenboats

    Wireless Shure mics "popping" during show

    During our shows our Shure wireless systems (SLX G4 & G5, UC UA & UB) have been making popping noises. There's usually a buildup of clipping followed by a short "phht" sound. This has been going on for a few years and nothing has been done about it, but this year it has come to a head, becoming...
  19. dvsDave

    Wireless Wireless XLR transmitter and Receiver

    Need a recommendation. We have a situation at church where we have to move to another part of the school where we meet for 6 weeks while they renovate the auditorium.I have a speaker we use to pipe audio to the lobby. Normally we just use a long XLR cable, but due to the location we are...
  20. klinnks

    Automated Fixtures DMX RGBW Globes

    I am wondering if anyone has any products in mind that would work my the show I am building. The design calls for globes in a tree that are all RGBW, DMX controllable, and wireless. I have found a lot of LED gear out there but nothing that meets all three requirements. I don't need to it be a...