1. TheTheaterGeek

    Best headlamp!?!

    What is the best headlamp y'all have encountered. Just lost mine of 5 years and ready to upgrade.
  2. J

    Cruise Ship Lighting Technicians

    I don't have 15 posts on Control Booth but I thought this would be useful to the membership so I am throwing it out for the mercy of the moderator.Looking for some freelance lighting work to compliment what you do currently? Our company is looking for people to do lighting installations aboard...
  3. E

    Lighting board Operator

    Hi all, I work for River Pointe Church in Richmond TX and we're looking for a lighting designer who has experience. It can be theatre, concert, or any other venue in which you either programmed, and/or ran lights.This is a paid position. We would only need you for the weekend, and could...