1. NickVon

    Metal Halide to LED fixture replacement

    We are doing some renovations in our building and are looking to replace our Existing mismatched metal halide fixtures/lamps. We have 12, that we use as generic "non-show" Houselights/Worklights.We tried a "corn cob" style LED lamp replacement (Ballast Bypass) on a single fixture the active...
  2. NickVon

    HID LED retrofit options

    Investigating options for HID > LED replacements bypassing ballasts (Direct wire)We have 12 Metal Halide lights in our auditorium theater space. about 40' that cover the audience seating. They are primary use as "work lights" or general lights when a show or event is not happening. Things...
  3. Kyle McAnally

    American Facility Systems Relay System

    Hi Everybody,So my space has been having an issue with our relay system which operates all of our running lights and work lights. Our theory is that the motherboard battery finally died and a power loss whipped the old system's programming. The panel has a HHP (hand held programmer) included...
  4. Matt Davidson

    Any LED Floods recommedations?

    The Osram Kreios is a pretty awesome looking light and I'm sure is on the top end of the LED flood/work spectrum but the 250-300 dollar price tag on them is pretty steep. Has anyone been playing with some of the cheaper models that they would recommend? I know you get what you pay for and all...