1. GhostLighter

    Wybron CXI IT Gel Strings

    Hey, everyone. Does anyone know where I can buy replacement strings for the CXI IT? Or is there a color comparison chart out there somewhere so I can buy substitute colors from Rosco or Lee? I've got 30+ units that need some love, and while I can't wait to replace them with a LED option, I'm...
  2. D

    Wybron CXI scrolls

    Hi I am in the UK. I have a 12 inch CXI that needs a new rear gel scroll. Can anyone suggest a source for this. Thanks In advance. David
  3. tdrga

    Wybron Coloram IT troubleshooting

    Hello all - I'm hoping someone can shed some light on a couple of issues I'm having with our 12 year old Wybron Coloram IT 4" scrollers. They have been rock solid since 2008 until the last month. They are used in 6-8 shows per year, so not a heavy duty cycle.I have had two fail with motors...
  4. JonLX

    Wybron Autopilot Parts

    Hello All,I've been following posts on here for many years, but I only just joined.I was hoping a few people might be able to help me out. Between a colleague an I we have be playing with an old Autopilot system with an amature theatre group in the UK.They were donated the kit and have...
  5. techsanity

    Wybron Forerunner/ION advice needed

    I'm in tech class at a community college. We are trying to create an intensity only sub on an ION ETC board for Wybron 4 runners. Any advice?
  6. M

    Ion v2.5 - Changes to Calibrating Scrollers?

    Hey All,I'm doing a show with an Ion running v2.5 and some Forerunner 7" scrollers (powered by Apollo's Smart PSU if it matters).My ME just went to calibrate the scrollers and it seems the profile has changed? You can't wheel to the +/- of the frame and then hold down the encoder and hit...
  7. soundofsparks

    Wybron CXI Scroll Alignment Issues

    Hey Everyone,I'm having trouble with a Wybron CXI and I can't quite put my finger on what the problem might be. Here are some details. I've done a lot of troubleshooting here, but am happy to hear any thoughts obvious or less so.For the most part, my fixture is behaving normally. The problem...
  8. Jadelight

    Wybron CXI-IT Gelstring Error

    Hey All,Has anyone had a "Gelstring 2 Broken" Error on a CXI-IT when the gel string is in fact NOT broken? I've opened it up, run the rollers, checked connections, blown it out for dust and everything shy of restringing it and nothing clears the error, but nothing seems wrong either. The...