1. S

    Lighting visualisation webinar

    There is always a hot debate over which software we should use for lighting (drafting or visualisation) so this webinar by LD Tim Routledge should be of interest.Why Draw Everything Twice? By Tim Routledge | Webinar on December 5th, 2018From initial sketch to the delivery of a world tour...
  2. T1NM4N

    Design Issues and Solutions 3D Live Render software for Fun?

    Hello all!It's been a while since I've posted here. A lot has happened since Grad school but I am back to ask a question about rendering. Many of you might remember a post I did a year or two back about connecting WYSIWYG to the Offline Nomad software on the same computer. Now I'm asking...
  3. S

    3D Visualizer (Capture, Wysiwyg, LD Assistant)

    I am looking to use a different visualizer. I used to use Martin Show Designer but I can't stand it anymore. I have been looking a Wysiwig ,LD Assistant, and Capture mainly because of their capabilities to do the special effects. I work heavily with special effects on top of my lighting so that...
  4. T1NM4N

    Control/Dimming Connecting Nomad Offline to WYSIWYG (on same PC)

    Ok, my favorite group of tech theatre miscreants..... I have installed the loopback adapter and have gotten the ETC offline software to work with CaptureArgo on the same PC... Now I want to get it to work with Cast-Soft's WYSIWYG Version 35 (which is now accepting sACN). I've tried a few...
  5. Dionysus

    CAD Design and Drafting Software Options

    Okay since I've seen this come up time and time again I figured a thread would be a good idea. I've heard people asking about CAD software availability, pricing, uses, etc. Especially a lot of people essentially saying "I can't afford AutoCAD or Vectorworks". Lets talk about CAD, there is a...