1. dvsDave

    Wireless Wireless XLR transmitter and Receiver

    Need a recommendation. We have a situation at church where we have to move to another part of the school where we meet for 6 weeks while they renovate the auditorium. I have a speaker we use to pipe audio to the lobby. Normally we just use a long XLR cable, but due to the location we are...
  2. J

    Looking for "Balanced/XLR-In to Bluetooth" converter

    This isn't exactly theater/stage related, but it is pro-audio related, so I am thinking perhaps the geniuses of this forum might have some suggestions. I am looking for a way to record video with an iPhone, but for the audio, using high-end pro-audio lavalier or headset microphones (Countryman...
  3. Harrison

    Viability of DIY Audio Snake

    First off - I've read that building a snake from the ground up is generally discouraged because the amount of work and the price of components typically makes it not worth it. I get that - but I have most of the raw materials and a very small budget. I've got a leftover spool of 24 AWG shielded...