1. L

    Repurposing SDI Cable as XLR?

    I have an odd question: the venue I work for has a large amount of 26-pin CCZ camera control cable (Sony) that we don't need anymore. We were trying to think of ways to reuse it and someone suggested splitting it and turning it into an XLR audio snake. I don't have the CCZ/SDI knowledge to know...
  2. H

    Small patchbay help

    Hello everyone,I need some advice on wiring up a small patchbay. I have 4 wireless channels and a Shure SCM268 mixer in a portable rack case. I want to put a patchbay on the back to make it easier to hook up when I use it. I would like to have 5 XLR jacks on the back, one for each mic channel...
  3. dvsDave

    Wireless Wireless XLR transmitter and Receiver

    Need a recommendation. We have a situation at church where we have to move to another part of the school where we meet for 6 weeks while they renovate the auditorium.I have a speaker we use to pipe audio to the lobby. Normally we just use a long XLR cable, but due to the location we are...
  4. J

    Looking for "Balanced/XLR-In to Bluetooth" converter

    This isn't exactly theater/stage related, but it is pro-audio related, so I am thinking perhaps the geniuses of this forum might have some suggestions.I am looking for a way to record video with an iPhone, but for the audio, using high-end pro-audio lavalier or headset microphones (Countryman...
  5. Harrison

    Viability of DIY Audio Snake

    First off - I've read that building a snake from the ground up is generally discouraged because the amount of work and the price of components typically makes it not worth it.I get that - but I have most of the raw materials and a very small budget. I've got a leftover spool of 24 AWG shielded...