1. klaasvt

    HELP Chaucer Qwash malfunction?

    We've got a small show this pm using a few older Qwash 560z fixtures running off a zero88 Jester..One of the fixtures always turns off the LEDs when it moves, then they come on again when it is still. Is that a setting? What's going on here?I've tried resetting the fixtures, rebuilding...
  2. klaasvt

    Zero88 Alphapack LED dimming

    Hi all! I'm looking for information on if it is an option to use a Zero88 Alphapack 2 or 3 to control our house lights... it's 80 6.5w dimable LED bulbs (integral LED). Could I run into issues with the type of dimming or minimum load on the alphapack? Or is there a better 1-3 channel DMX dimmer...
  3. Zero 88

    Zero 88 ( is a brand of Cooper Lighting Solutions (, and have been serving the needs of the entertainment lighting industry for over 45 years.They are a UK-based manufacturer