120V Power Snake

Discussion in 'Lighting and Electrics' started by StageTech620, Nov 26, 2015.

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    @StageTech620 mentioned connecting to dimmers in the OP, so a power source with multi phase connector seems incredibly unlikely...
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    Yes, the possible availability of industry standard power connectors, used for stage power distribution, audio power, and motor power, is extremely impossible. Though, I'm not sure how the use of dimmers in a space precludes the existence of other power sources, but It's not even worth asking, because I am the king of knowing everything.

    Why is everyone here so quick to yell foul and tell other people how stupid and dangerous they are, rather than being helpful. The OP asked about a product, and if it was acceptable to solve their problem.
    If the answer is No, than I politely explain why, especially if there is a safety concern. Then, I gather more information about the situation, space, equipment, an what the end goal really is, etc , so I can make an informed suggestion.

    I call this the, "I don't need to show the internet how gosh darn smart I am, by showing how stupid everyone else is, and stroke my own ego" Method of being helpful. Sometimes it works.

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