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Conventional Fixtures 14deg Source 4 on a Stick - Boomerang?

Discussion in 'Lighting and Electrics' started by rsbuck, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. rsbuck

    rsbuck Member

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    DC Metro Area
    I've recently begun work as an ME of a theatre that was slightly mid-upgrade. We have four full Source 4 followspot set-ups (yokes, handles, boomerangs). However, 14degs are what work perfectly for us for followspot from our FOH position. I arrived just as the theatre invested in two 14deg barrels, based on the assumption that boomerangs existed for them. The problem is, I cannot find any boomerangs that fit.

    Do they exist? I have 4 of the 6.25", and I can find places to purchase a 10deg (12") and a 5deg (14") color changer. Do they not make anything for a 7.5" color slot? We're currently putting gel in cardboard frames and tying them to the unit, but I'd love to have something a bit cleaner.
  2. rochem

    rochem Well-Known Member

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    New York, NY
    Contact City Theatrical directly. They do a lot of custom work, and for something like that, I would be surprised if they weren't willing to make you one for around the same price as a 6.25". Even if it's not something that's already in their catalog, there's obviously going to be a need in the industry for it, and I'm sure they haven't consciously avoided making a 7.5" variety.

    You've probably thought of it already, but 7" color scrollers also work well for spots. It really comes down to your show schedule and the type of productions you put on, your budgets, and many other factors.

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  3. dramatech

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    Winter Haven, FL
    For my "Source-Four-on-a-stick followspots", I purchased boomerangs for Times Square follow spots and took the mount off (4 nuts), laid it on top of a stock 7 1/2 inch gelframe and drilled holes of the size and the position of the the original mounting bracket. They work the same with 6 1/4 mounts. There are four colors and a douser. I purchased an extra "Lolly" for each color changer and replaced the douser. You can get them for about $90 for the color changer and an additional $15 for the extra Lolly. They are quite well built and have been absolutely great. We have 4 on our followspots with 19* lenses, and our neighboring theatre has 2 on 14* units.

    Tom Johnson
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