$ 300 mixer

can i get an 8 channel mixer for under $300

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does anybody know where i could get a 8 channel or so mixer for under $300!
Conservatively, I would say yes, but I would need to know what kind of features do you need on this mixer. Is it important to have more than two auxes, do they need to be pre/post switchable? Do you need stereo channels? Do you need expansion options, such as FireWire out? Do you need EQ, and if so, do you need two mids? ALl of these things affect the price of the mixer greatly.

In the mean time, you may want to look at the following boards:

Mackie DFX-12
Soundcraft Spirit E Series
Soundcraft Spirit M Series
stereo input for a cd player and 8 channels, preferably powered
Yamaha EMX88S for $449
Soundcraft GigRac 300 for $360
i had the gigrac brochure but hadn't looked at it yet, it looks like the perfect mixer for the job
does anyone else have any other suggestions?
Not really, I still stand by my suggestion of the Mackie Onyx line and the Spirit M and E series mixers.
But he wants a powered board, so your suggestion is worth nothing to him.
Foxinabox10 said:
But he wants a powered board, so your suggestion is worth nothing to him.

I'm not sure I understand. By powered, do you mean self-powered? (i.e., doesn't need to be plugged in?) Or do you mean that it provides phantom power to its XLR inputs?
i just wanted phantom power, and to not have to use powered speakers
Meaning a built in amp.
precisely, a built in amp because i am too poor to buy powered speakers to replace the schools inventory of non-powered speakers!
i can not find a gigrac for under $390!
I personally think it will be a challenge to find a board with a built-in amplifier for under $300 (at least, a quality one that will last more than a few years). However, you might consider looking at an inexpensive board (see above), and then an inexpensive amp to go along with it.

By the way, just to clarify, phantom power refers to the +48V that many boards offer to power condenser microphones. Phantom power does not refer to the ability of a sound board to power speakers without an amplifier.
I have a good relationship with Peavey, especially a monster of a desk that predates me by 5 years. In my estimation it will more than pay for itself in the long term.
I got it today, I love it already because I can make my sister freak when I say: "you will die in seven days"(from the movie "the Ring") with the effects set on delay 1.

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