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I got on CB to ask a 360Q lamping question and was surprised to find that the first posting was on lamping 360s. But, alas, my specific question was not answered. So here it is.
About 10 years ago I bought some used 360Q 6x16s from BASH lighting and used them for a couple of years as a stop gap measure until our new auditorium was built. I also got a grant for some studio equipment and bought some 575 S4 jrs. With this grant I decided to upgrade the four 360Qs by purchasing some new super reflectors and some speed caps. I haven't touched these instruments in quite a few years and the upgrades were only done on two of them. I recently have gone back to these instruments to use them in a different space and I am wondering about what lamps I can use in the speed caps. They are going to be used with 750 watt source fours so I would like to get as much punch out of them as I can. I know that I can use the HP600 (FLK) lamp. Can I use the HX754 (750 watt) lamp in the speed cap? Can I use a 750 watt EHG with the speed cap? How will the EHG compare to an FLK with the speed cap and the super reflector?
Tangent: I also have an extra question. As I mentioned before, these 360s were purchased used and I have a heck of a time tightening them down at the yoke so they won't drop. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to solve my ever-dropping instruments problem?


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The HX-754 is now an ANSI coded GLD lamp and should compare fairly well with the 750w HPL high output lamp. Not as much output or efficiency but sufficient to design with. The Philips #6981P 750w/115v lamp would be a better choice in high output lamps however in having a better output and more refined filament.

Your better more cost effective solution both for the S-4 and the 360Q (speed cap or not) is the HPL 750/115v/X extended life and GLE (HX-755) extended life if 750w is really what you want or need as opposed to 575w.

I take it for granted the 750w lamps are not for the S-4 Juniors' as if I remember correctly, they are not rated for a 750w lamp but could be incorrect.

On the drooping of fixture problem, look at the adjustment assembly. Got the clutch plate it breaks on and a carriage bolt breaking against it. Try either A) rotating that carriage bolt 1/4 turn to a section of it not as warn, or B) replacing that clutch plate. This given the more modern disk similar to what's on the S-4.

Also, if a longer range fixture such as a 6x16 or especially a 6x22, it might be necessary to add a second clutch plate assembly to compensate for the off balance weight. Earlier especially 6x22 fixtures only had a single clutch plate.

BASH normally did decent work in selling a quality maintained product, good stuff for the most part I would expect.

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