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ok ive been looking for the past week for a a 575w HMI replacement lamp for our Altman Satelite follow spot. i have found the lamp. what we need is the lamp with the reflector assembly and that i can not find.
The lamps avalable for the fixture would be the Osram HMP 575w/DE #54144 which replaces the HMI 575w/GS most would be looking for.

Othewise the new HTI 575w/D4/75 which will be coming on the market soon.

Other lamps would be the Philips MSI 575, Ushio UMI 575/GS, GE CMR 575/DE or Koto DI-6 if Koto starts producing their own lamps again.

The lamp is a seperate component from the reflector assembly which would come from Altman.

In reading the manual I found this curious:
"Under no circumstances should you attempt to remove the lamp from the reflector assembly. The lamp and reflector assembly is prefocused at the factory for optimum performance. Return the entire assembly to your Altman Satellite Dealer.

I now see the problem you have. It would seem that by the manual you need to return your reflector to an Altman dealer and have them either get you a new reflector/lamp or return yours for a new lamp to be installed.

Otherwise in the parts manual I see two part numbers. One for the assembly w/o lamp #76-0372, the other for it with the lamp installed #77-0090. I would than take it for granted you can get the assembly w/o lamp by ordering that part number. Given it's in the manual that they will bench focus the lamp for you on the other hand, it is what I would recommend instead of doing it yourself.

Don't know if it will work but I copied from the PDF on the Altman web site and asked a buddy of mine to create a pdf of the information relating to your followspot.

Click here for the .pdf document

Otherwise, you can just go to the Altman website, look up the follow spot under parts lists Catalog/page #77-0090 Satellite Lamp Assy. which is page 130 of the parts manual otherwise.

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