6x9 and more profiles


Hi all

As i am based in Ireland, I have a few problems remembering what type of profiles a 6x9, 6x22 6x12 etc are

I would be grateful if some one could indicate the beam angles that these are and give me an idea as to how the 6 & other number are arrived at.

or a link to a site that will do just this


6x9-36 deg
6x12-26 deg
6x16-19 deg
6x4.5-50 deg

These are not exact, but this is what is accepted at standard in most places

and the other measurement is the length from the gate to the end of the barrel (roughly)
ok, i typicaly need to use 36's or 26's depending upon where im at on the foh. its very close to the stage... so i will assume yours is farther and you can use the small angle and still have a large pool
Footer4321 said:
that would be a fun one to focus.....

Think radios lol
i was thinking more of getting the fixture pan/tilted to where you want it... for those of you who have focused a 5 deg from that far of a throw its not the most fun thing to do....
We use 26 degree S4's in our FOH. Can't remember exactly the throw distance, but it isn't huge. We can span the width of the stage with three groups. I never use 36 degree S4's on FOH, the beam is just too big. I really need to get some 19 degree S4's for specials, as of now we're limited to 36 and 26 only.

I can only imagine precision focusing a 5 degree fixture from 70 feet away. Focusing 26 degree fixtures in our FOH is difficult enough.

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