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Someone recently asked about shimmering reflecting water, but I'm looking for creative ideas for a different effect. I want to have a thunder clap followed by a slow roll of thunder, accompanied by a flash of light and then a series of little flashes.. The effect is that the character is indoors, and the shape of the light is framed by the imaginary "windows." Fine, easy, slap in a gobo.

What I'd like to do is:

Show rain streaming down the windows. Any thoughts on this?

Inspiration pictures...



Do you have access to a video projector? If so, would making a short video clip of water running down a widow work if you were to project it?
damn....i saw what gobos to use with the rsoc vortex gobo rotator to get that effect...but i, myself, am lookign for it too.
So video editting programs apparently have an effect that adds rain to a seen. probly wouldn't be the right effect, but you could film a window, then add rain and use a projector
For the rain, think of how a common scroller works if not even use a wide format scroller that's DMX controlled only instead of using gel, use something that will do the rain effect on the window. Perhaps some of the glass with non-movable moisture/drips, and the scroller with the rain hitting the window and it's drops running down the window.

Could otherwise do it manually by way of a similar second roll of plastic moving.

Otherwise, a rain gutter mounted below the window and plastic layed out to protect the stage and do a garden hose against the wall I would think.

As for lighting, it's just cues and flashes or washes. 50 years ago it might have been someting really arcing back stage by way of like a wrench on a car battery.
Have you looked into using gobo rotaters? probably the route I would. Maybe have one unit with a gobo of the window projected onto the floor and then the unit with the go-tator projecting its spinning image on top of that, and shuttered down to light only the window parts. Assuming you have the budget or access to them.

Ok, sorry I haven't responded to this more quickly, but I had bookmarked cb/index.html, and I thought the site was temp offline or something...dumb.

Ok, I have scrapped the idea of the streaming rain in the light, but I appreciate the tip on the strobe cap! I am going to try to locate one of those.

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