A dumb question.


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Ok, here it is...

Do you think it is possible to fit 2, 6' ministrips, 20 Source 4s, 300ft of cable, and some gels, lamps, etc. in the back of a Ford Explorer? I'm trying to save money on costly rental delivery expenses.

Yeah, I know it's a stupid question.
Not unless you make more than one trip. Those 20 S4's, are they cased or bare? Either way, it will probably take one full trip just to get the source fours over. Are you taking out the seats? Maybe you could get one more vehicle to go with you, that way you could do in one trip. I am assuming none of this is in cases...
I've gotten 16 source4's (loose, no cases), about 300 feet of cable, four 4foot "scrimmer stick" dimmer packs, 4 portable lighting trees, 8 sand bags, a clearcom system, an ETC Express 48/96 in a road case (that's BIG), and a monitor in a road case. Into a Chevy S10 pickup with an extended cab and a small canopy.

I would say you can do it easily in an explorer if you have no passengers.
The strips should fit across the back seat and the cable will fit on the floor. Stack the source4's in the rear and fill in as needed in the back on top of the cable, put anything extra up front.
yea, if you take out the seats, i bet you could do it. cable in front, then just stack everything in the back. now this is if they dont have cases. if they do have cases, yea, no chance of getting all of that in.
Wear a hard had and a kevlar riot vest just incase you have to hit the brakes in hurry!

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