A Good Reading about Live Sound

Thanks for the link, I don't know too much about sound and resources are always helpful! :)
some parts of it are a bit brief and/or cryptic because if i remember correctly from the 1st edition of his handbook he speaks/writes english as a second language and is fluent in something else!
Had a brief look - a few errors but as a basic guide to stimulate interest and to lead onto further readings it is a good start. And as was pointed out IT IS FREE. Another good free source is the information available form SHURE http://www.shure.com/booklets/techpubs.html and Audix http://www.audixusa.com/audix_news.html

I have to take my hat off to him for putting in the effort to do this and I hope that he finishes it off and that people are able to put it to good use. I actually didn't read the why section (went to some of the other chapters).

One thing that did make me laugh (and I am not being critical here) was the disclaimer at the bottom of the page that read “Not responsible for typographical errors”.

I just submitted a 3500 word (fully researched and referenced) paper and I wish that I had put that on the bottom of it!!
and go to learning zone

has a really good guide to mixing
i have learnt a lot from spirit brochures
many a night spent looking at brochures of desks like the SX and the FX16 trying to work out what each knob and button did
good times
good times

i say, the MH4 looks fun
it lends some relevance to the joke what does a sound guy get on an iq test?

ah yes
best sound book

If you're truly thinking about going pro in live sound, the Sound Reinforcement Handbook by Yamaha is awesome. It's a bunch of theory and science, but definitely worth the read.
Ditto on the Yamaha Sound Reinforcement Handbook
Yes, Kai's handbook is a great resource, although he hasn't updated in ages (and he knows a whole tonnnnnn more now, LOL). Although it was written quite some time ago, for those who don't know, Kai is now the associate sound designer to Tony Meola, one of the top designers on Broadway. He's worked with Tony on Wicked and A Christmas Carol at Radio City Music Hall, among many, many others.

Not to mention that, on the few brief encounters I've had with him, he's seemed a pretty cool dude.


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