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Hello from down North Carolina way....though my 2nd post...(I had to post a opinion about "food in the booth"..)...I have been a member since April 2004 but have just been reading post every now and then. I'm the Technical Director at the Tryon Fine Arts Center...a performing and visual arts center in the great small town of Tryon NC...I have been at this for 13 years...and cover all the bits in running this place...lighting, sound, rigging, web design, cleaning, grounds.....just wanted to say what a great place for all techs to blog and learn about the craft...sometime serious, sometimes funny...but always informative.

Jimm Brink
Welcome!!! It's about time you made a post or two arround here :-D hehe ah, we'll still like you :)

It sounds like your another well rounded person (like most of the rest of us arround here). I am glad to hear that you have been reading articles arround here, and would pass along a friendly encouragement to not be afraid to post your own comments; really, we dont bite! (ok, well maybe some of those guys from down under might :), but us American's will protect you ;-) ) (Just kidding everyone!)

Can I ask where about's or what the closest big city is to Tryon NC? I have some friends in NC and I wonder how far you are from them.... ::"it's a small world" runs through my head for about the millionth time visiting this site::

Ok, enough of my sillyness for one night,

-welcome to Controlbooth.com
-the OFFICIAL welcome wagon (part 1)

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