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I got back from the Fray concert last night and had a blast. Kudos to their FOH engineer; the sound was excellent. Well balanced, vocals on top of everything, and all the instruments fit in their own space. It looked like they had V-dosc under the roof with dV-dosc fills under the two hangs. The lawn delay was covered with what looked like VerTec 4888 in the center, and what was either Peavey's array on the side or the VRX array from JBL. I assumed they were part of Riverport's (it will always be Riverport to me) house system, but the l'Acoustics seemed to be doing the bulk of the work. Subs were cardioid, but I couldn't make out the manufacturer. There were two stacks each side of the stage three high (including the rear-facing subs). I also couldn't see FOH from where I was. All in all, a rather enjoyable concert.

Ok Go was good too, and a great performance. Mae left something to be desired sound wise, which is a shame since I like the band. It's always hard being the opener. If you get a chance to see the Fray, please do, it's a great show and worth the money (and lawn seats are cheap too).

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