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ACME hazer

Discussion in 'Special Effects' started by Marki555, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. Marki555

    Marki555 Member

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    Hi all,
    We are currently using an old fog machine, which is quite OK, but I would like to have transparent haze instead of this dense fog, because of our new laser. We don't use it much, maybe 10-15 night events per year.
    Do you have any experience with Acme HP2S 700 Watt Stage Hazer?

    And I have general question about hazers and fazers. What is the difference? Because I have seen hazers both water-based and oil-based. Or everything water-based is fazer?
  2. derekleffew

    derekleffew Resident Curmudgeon Senior Team Premium Member

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    Las Vegas, NV, USA
    See the wiki entries on fog, haze, and smoke. "Fazer" is a made-up term: combination of Fogger and Hazer, that usually does neither very well. Water-based haze fluid is used when the residue from oil-based fluids is undesirable, but it dissipates faster (has less "hang-time") than oil-based.

    Satisfactory results can sometimes be achieved using a variable-output smoke machine as a hazer, by putting it far offstage and using multiple fans to disperse the particulate throughout the performance space.

    The success/failure of any atmospheric effect is determined more by a venue's HVAC system than anything else. Be sure to test any atmospheric effect by simulating performance conditions as closely as possible. Be especially mindful of particulate-sensing fire alarms!

    See also these recent threads:,
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  3. gafftaper

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    Theater Manager & T.D.
    Seattle, Washington
    Looks like the ACME hazer is a UK only product. I've never heard of it in the US and all the websites that sell it are .uk So anything I say is just speculation. That said... I love to speculate.

    It appears to be a "dj quality" product based on the websites selling it and price. Knowing nothing else about the product that brings up two concerns. 1) How safe is the stuff you are breathing? If the hazer is low budget and the fluid is low budget are you safe breathing what comes out? 2) What is the long term durability of a "DJ quality" hazer? They are cheaper for a reason what is it?

    Here in the U.S. there are lot's of DJ hazers available. But a theater/touring quality hazer (Le Maitre or Look Solutions for example) costs $1000 or more. My feeling in things like this is you take a risk when buying lower quality/cost products. It might serve you well for years. But it might break next month. If you need it and it's all you can afford well then your decision is made. If you can afford more by saving up a while. I advise looking into a better theatrical/touring quality product.
  4. David Ashton

    David Ashton Active Member

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    truck driver
    perth W Australia
    I got given 3 Acme fog machines and with minor fixing of plugs and remote they are the most reliable foggers I ever had, now the Jem Technohazer and the 24/7 have been very unreliable, so money doesn't always get you the best product, a fogger blowing into a fan will often give good enough results for many purposes.

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