ADA Ramp Questions - Code Pasted for Reference


Hi all,

We are building an outdoor stage for an upcoming musical.

Do we need to have an ADA ramp to the stage?
We are in California. Here's the code:

“11B-206.2.6 Performance areas. Where a circulation path directly connects a performance area to an assembly seating area, an accessible route shall directly connect the assembly seating area with the performance area. An accessible route shall be provided from performance areas to ancillary areas or facilities used by performers unless exempted by Section 11B-206.2.3 Exceptions 1 through 7."

I'm getting caught up on the use of the word "directly". The audience doesn't have a 'direct' access to the stage (or do they if they go around the back to the stairs?)




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Basically, if you can walk between two areas by stairs, someone in a wheelchair should be able to move between the two spaces as well. It is primarily for the auditorium and stage with stairs from first row area to stage, allowing a person in a wheelchair to have similar access, not having to leave the room, and reenter from backstage.

Think of "directly" as similar or equal. The accessible route should not be much different and much longer than the non-accessinle route, so as not to discriminate, the basis.

Whether a purely one show temporary stage is required to be accesible at all is not do simple. One aspect, if the stage is for employees only, you may not need the ramp, but should have a plan for one so you dont discriminate against a future employee or in hiring. If a schol and students have access, its a place of public accomodation, so must be accessible. As examples.

Its about discrimination.

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