ADJ Basic Fog Machine Controlled Edison to Stage Pin


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Instead of renting a DMX fogger, would it be possible to tape down the on switch and using a Edison to Stage Pin adapter, turn the machine on and off. Or would this ruin the machine?

That won't work at all, even when you take the electronics not like dimmer power out of the equation. The problem is foggers need time to heat up after they are turned on. So what would happen is you would turn that channel on and the fogger would start to heat up, then depending on the fogger it could take anywhere from 30 seconds to 15 minutes for it to get ready to shoot fog. On top of having to plan for that delay and try to guess when it will actually be warmed up the same fogger won't always heat up in the same amount of time. It's just way to unpredictable to take a chance on it.

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